Aqualife Sea Cucumder Bay - trepang far eastern
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We offer you dried trepang in capsules.

100% natural product (no additives or preservatives) Aqualife Sea Cucumber Bay

Modern conditions expose the human body to constant stress. How to maintain health, youth? Effectively resist diseases, infections and viruses? To live happily ever after, what does everyone dream of?



  • immunity
  • youth
  • regeneration
  • vitality
  • endurance
  • longevity
  • health


  • aging
  • fatigue
  • fungi
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • cancer
  • chronic diseases

Far Eastern dried trepang in capsules: sea ginseng

Chinese emperors lived 120-140 years, and one of them even crossed the 1.5-century milestone. All because they possessed the secrets of oriental medicine – the elixirs of youth and good health!

One of these secrets lies in the trepang, a marine animal with unique regeneration properties. At the same time, it naturally manages to resist the action of microbes, bacteria and parasites.

The peculiarity of trepang is its absolute safety, and therefore it is eaten and is reputed to be a delicacy. But not everyone can afford to eat a delicacy every day. Yes, and how much you need to eat it to have a noticeable effect. The Chinese have learned to use the natural properties of sea cucumber for medical purposes. For this purpose, extracts, tinctures, extracts were prepared. But the most effective way is drying and grinding.

Modern scientists have conducted a number of studies and not only confirmed the complex of useful properties, but also discovered new ones:

  • has a positive effect on male potency;
  • normalization of blood composition;
  • treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.)
  • normalization of weight by improving fat and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • restoration of vision and internal organs damaged by chronic diseases;
  • rapid wound healing;
  • normalization of the cardiovascular and nervous system;
  • cancer prevention.

Trepang tissues are saturated with biologically active substances, vitamins and trace elements.

No organism on earth can compare with trepang in terms of a set of useful substances!

Feel the effect of a tool previously available only to a select few!

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